I'm Sammi, a Chicago native, wife, mama to Olivia and fur-son Turbo, and someone who freaking loves weddings!  During the week you'll usually find me holding down the fort with my two year old and hanging out with my husband when he is off work. While I absolutely love my job as a mom, I get so excited for weddings & events (usually on the weekends). I love that time to connect with amazing people & be apart of such an important time in their lives! It truly is an honor to work "behind the scenes" of someone's big day, I could cry just thinking about it.
My passion for hair styling & makeup started in 2012 my freshman year of college. I couldn't see myself pursuing a corporate career & wanted to do something more creative & versatile. With that in mind, I left the school I was attending & enrolled in beauty school! From there my love for the industry grew! I worked in salons, did hair from home & freelanced for 3 years doing hair/makeup. The beauty industry has many outlets, but bridal styling & makeup is what lights my soul ablaze! I love it down to the technical, the creative, & all of the beautiful stories & people I meet along the way! I started SP Beauty so I could be more involved and offer more of myself & my talents to people like you! I'm so happy & thankful to be here!

HEY Girl friend!

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